We’re Your E-Commerce Lending Source!

Why Use Us?

Here at SBA Loan Group, we understand the challenges that e-commerce companies face in obtaining long-term bank financing, of which includes; limited operating history, relatively young management and lack of industry knowledge by banks.

The fact of the matter is, banks don’t take the time to understand your business like we do. Our management team includes over 20+ years collective experience in e-commerce and online business financing.

In order to raise capital, companies find themselves in the position having to dilute their ownership or pay very high interest rates. SBA-guaranteed loans can be the perfect solution for financing your growing e-commerce business without diluting ownership or paying high interest rates.

As one of the largest SBA loan packagers in the country with a nationwide group of 50+ participating banks, we are the perfect company to help you get long-term, low interest, non-dilutive loans to build your business.

Financing for your E-Commerce and online business has never been easier:

  • 10 – 25-year terms.
  • Starts at prime + 2.25% interest rates.
  • As long as the minimal monthly payment is made, the loan can not ever be canceled for any reason.
  • You will never give up any equity in your company, besides a small processing fee, we are only paid for success.

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