We are the country’s leading packager of SBA loans for the hospitality industry.

  • We are the industry expert in 7a loans and 504 loans (real estate)
  • Get a loan for purchasing a hotel without any work!
  • Payback up to 25 years
  • Most Competitive Interest Rates

SBA Loan Group, LLC is one of the country’s largest SBA loan packagers – we assist businesses in applying and receiving loans that are backed by the US government

Receive up to $14 million with 90% financing for your real estate acquisitions or up to $5 million for working capital or business acquisition

We are experts on all the different types of SBA programs and the many changing rules necessary to successfully receive a loan.

  • We have a portfolio of over 53 banks and shop the best deal
  • 504 loans receive some of the most competitive rates from private lenders and are backed up to 90% by the US government
  • We stay involved every step of the way until you are funded. Most loans close in within 45 to 60 days from the time we receive all the data required.
  • We do all the work upfront – we don’t succeed (get paid) if you don’t succeed