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One of the largest packagers of SBA Loans to law firms in the United States 

Financing Your Law Practice Couldn’t Be Any Easier

  • No more high-interest rates
  • No more harsh reporting requirements
  • No more annual or forced pay downs
  • Very little restrictions on how you use this money (ie. advertising, case costs, general overhead, etc)
  • Buy a building for your practice

Many attorneys experience uneven cash flow and expensive case costs involved in modern litigation. While most banks do not understand the value of your pending cases and your financial requirements. The result is that there are very few lenders in this area, very high interest rates, onerous monitoring conditions and forced periodic pay downs that often come at the wrong time. Our management team has over 35 years experience in Legal Funding and SBA-backed lending. We are the leading company in the marketplace who specialize in assisting attorneys to obtain low-cost SBA funding.

SBA Loans can be a life saver or helpful to pay off existing expensive debt, inject needed capital into the firm and use the money to expand your practice (advertising, hiring, etc). SBA-backed funding is low cost and permanent. It cannot be canceled, modified or force payments for the term of the loan typically for up 10 – 25 years.

Often misunderstood at banks, attorneys have among the lowest SBA default rates in the country. We can assist you in solving one of the biggest problems of modern day law practices – financing your practice.

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SBA vs Other Lending Options

Types of Lenders
Legal Funding Sources
Commercial Banks
Annual Interestprime + 2.75%16% - 60%4% - 8%
Reporting RequirementsOnce a Year Financials - Not Case RelatedCase By Case Onerous Monthly ReportingMonthly - Sometimes More Often
Term of Loan10 Year Term Can Not be Cancelled
25 Years for Real-estate
Yearly - Renewal Each Year & Forced Pay-downsYearly - Renewal Each Year
Clean Up
NOYESMost Requires Some Form of Pay-down
Ability to
Call Loan